The Swiss financial sector is of extreme international significance and ranks among the global market leaders.

In addition, the country has one of the most stable economies in the world, and Aspen Asset Management AG is proud to have a legacy operating our company here for over four decades.

About Aspen Asset Management AG
Focusing on our private and institutional clients, we dedicate our drive, resources, and creativity to enhance our financial planning expertise.
About Aspen Asset Management AG

We have cultivated a network of talent among our teams that deliver a selection of world-class investment services to meet all our client needs.

Utilizing the proven expertise of our global workforce and fully developed information flow, we act quickly and proactively to help create customized solutions for our clients. In addition, we rely on our vision of the financial future to make strategic decisions, and this forward-thinking serves as one of our core strengths.

Why Choose Aspen Asset Management AG?

Over the last four decades, Aspen Asset Management AG has helped to shape the industry. We have a commitment to excellence and a proven history of success, which allows us to understand both the intricacies of wealth and the often complex lives our clients lead.

Our clients continue to partner with us because our team-based approach provides a unique combination of specialist skills that link financial planning, tax-efficient structuring and the management of underlying assets.

Whether you are a private individual, a company, a trust, or a global institution, we have the technical know-how and relationship experience to assist you with all of your wealth matters. Aspen Asset Management AG is here to help you achieve your financial objectives and make your money work hard for you.