Our Culture and Values
Our company culture and values are reflected in the day-to-day work of our employees.
Our culture and values - Aspen Asset Management AG

Their embodiment of this culture derives inspiration from our Founder’s family. The Founder’s family values of commitment, dedication, responsibility, and adaptability govern Aspen Asset Management AG. By practicing these values, we seek to partner with clients and organizations that embody similar values.

Our Commitment

We dedicate our time to finding the best solutions for our clients. As much as we adapt our solutions to the forever-changing financial landscape, we also keep an open mind to make sure that we satisfy the demands of our clients.

In service, using their expertise, our employees find a tremendous drive to succeed. Each challenge presented by our client is an opportunity to be creative while being responsible. Our tireless efforts have helped our clients navigate difficult situations. Many of our long-term clients count on our commitment to deliver added value for them continuously.

Dedication and Responsibility
Our dedication to our client’s goals is as strong as our dedication to our values. Through our commitment to our clients and their long-term strategies, we earn the respect of our clients and peers in the marketplace.
Dedication and responsibility - Aspen Asset Management AG

Our firm support for the values that we care about and our efforts in integrating them into our day-to-day business shows our clients that we are in it for the long haul.

Our culture is defined by responsibility. It is the one theme that resonates through every level of our business. Integrity, ethics, and fairness are values that are integrated into our business. We hold ourselves accountable. We measure and evaluate how we perform concerning these values every day. For us, to be able to achieve optimal performance for our clients, we first have to take on the responsibility of adhering to our core values.

Our Adaptability

Our organization is structured to be agile. We are not a large financial services company. Due to our size and our family business culture, we can quickly spot opportunities and act on them within the scope of our long-term strategy. When clients are experiencing significant changes, we are there to offer innovative solutions and work through issues with our clients to ensure that they can achieve their goals.