Our Companies Heritage
Aspen Asset Management AG was founded in 1983 and is led by an experienced team of entrepreneurs and professionals of the financial sector.
Our Companies Heritage - Aspen Asset Management AG

Their vision was to create a company that offers its clients wide-ranging innovative financial services. Today, we continue to apply this vision to help our clients achieve consistent long-term financial performance.

Throughout our history, our standards and principles have remained intact. Our objective approach is underpinned by our high standards of personal service, our commitment to build and preserve the wealth of our clients, and our belief in the importance of a robust investment process has remained unchanged. This ability to continually adapt and evolve has held us at the forefront of the industry for over four decades.

The Future of Aspen Asset Management AG

Aspen Asset Management AG is now one of Switzerland’s leading financial services firms. We offer a wide selection of wealth planning and business services to individuals and professional institutes. Still, our core business remains the same as it was over thirty-seven years ago, delivering a high-quality, personal service to our private clients.