Socially Responsible
Socially responsible - Aspen Asset Management AG
Every day, we commit to improving our business for the next generation.

Since the company’s inception, Aspen Asset Management AG has committed to supporting culture, education, and research projects. As a part of the company’s sustainability initiative, Aspen Asset Management AG partners with its community to promote community projects and support sustainability in project development.

Responsible Investment adhering to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment is at the core of our business. We apply ESG or environment, social, and governance models to our ecosystem of investments. We strive to do our day-to-day work by leaving a positive footprint on the world while creating synergies between the planet and our business.

Community Support
Community Support reflects our company’s values.
Community support - Aspen Asset Management AG

We partner with community organizations all over the world to promote sustainable projects and developments. These projects range from recycling, toy collections to school renovations, etc.

Culture, Education, and Research are the three areas that we are particularly passionate about. We’ve partnered with educational programs to nurture young talent in theatre, classical music, and cinema through donations and sponsorships. We’ve also partnered with other organizations to promote innovation, technology, and entrepreneurship in finance.

Community Support

Our values define our business. We have a Code of Conduct that embodies all of the principles that govern our entire company. Our business responsibility and commitment to professional excellence and sustainability are at the core of our Code of Conduct. We are compliant with laws and regulations in each of our offices. We continue to strive for transparency and avoid conflict of interest in our quest to invest in our business for future generations.