The Corporate Division at Aspen Asset Management AG has been built strategically from the ground up with an international presence in major markets.

Dedicated to our corporate clients, we provide agile and integrated services that diversify.

Solutions to meet your needs
Aspen Asset Management AG corporate client services team deliver a range of business solutions and advisory for corporations, financial institutions and sponsor clients. The services available include origination, structuring and execution, and financing solutions.

Aspen Asset Management AG is a leading name in financial services sector. Our breadth and depth of experience and knowledge ensure we offer expert insight and bespoke funding solutions across a diverse range of investment opportunities.

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We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions, including corporate acquisitions and leveraged buy-outs (LBOs). We specialize in financial structuring solutions, and the execution of complex acquisitions.

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We have formulated teams of industry experts and leverage our global network of contacts to ensure we provide the necessary structuring, industry sector and geographical expertise to develop financing strategies that complement the funding requirements and expectations of our corporate clients.

Valuation Services
For major business and investment transactions, you need an advisor you can trust.
Valuation services - Aspen Asset Management AG

Transactions are complex and require expertise and experience to provide a realistic valuation of a business. Industry knowledge, market conditions, tax obligations and regulation can all affect the valuation, and mistakes or omissions can be very costly.

With over four decades of experience in providing clear and accurate valuations to multifaceted transactions, Aspen Asset Management AG has the experience, knowledge and trust you need. We have helped corporate clients from a wide range of industries and provided expert specialized knowledge where required through a global network of partners.

A proven track record

We have a proven track record of developing and scrutinizing transactions and include global reach in our armory. Our expert finance professionals combine years of experience with the latest valuation technology and real-time financial market data to offer a robust and unrivaled valuation service across multiple sectors and multiple nations.

Mergers & Acquisitions
Aspen Asset Management AG assists companies and investment funds in acquiring a company or business division.
Mergers & Acquisitions - Aspen Asset Management AG

Our services differ based on each transaction's unique needs, but we always place emphasis on industry-specific strategies, objectives, and opportunities.

Our services include due diligence, in which we analyze the operations of the target company and inform the potential buyer about the potential opportunities and threats associated with the acquisition and the structure of the transaction.

Combining companies via acquisitions and mergers or separating different parts of companies to be sold off can be an incredibly complex process. Getting it right is crucial to ensuring the transaction is completed smoothly, on time and to the benefit of all parties.

A competitive advantage

The knowledge and industry experience of our financial experts will give you a competitive advantage before, during and after completion of the transaction to provide you with ultimate confidence.

Whether your primary focus is on tactical growth, cost reduction or business realization, our data-driven strategies and solutions will help you navigate the crucial risk management decisions and generate maximum value. Our support is based on determining the right course for your business and focusing on sustainability, growth and profitability for maximum reward from minimum risk.

Debt Advisory
At Aspen Asset Management AG, our debt advisory team provides the best-in-class quality corporate and strategic advice with regards to execution services.
Debt advisory - Aspen Asset Management AG

We work within capital markets and boast a vast global contact network that provides us with detailed insider knowledge of markets from across the globe. Our mission is to structure maximum profitable solutions across a wide-ranging spectrum of funds based on detailed market research and expert knowledge.

Raising new debt on favorable terms can be challenging even for the strongest borrowers and issuers. It relies on a frank appraisal of current banking relationships along with detailed knowledge of alternative capital streams, measured against the overall effectiveness of capital management.

Extensive experience

Our extensive experience, industry insight and market presence enable us to take a holistic approach to identify the most appropriate advice to complement your objectives. We will help you identify and analyze options, structuring, arranging and achieving financial close across all financial products.

With Aspen Asset Management AG onside, you will be able to identify capital management plans that match your long-term strategic objective, structure funding to maximize value and decide whether restructuring or recapitalization are avenues worth exploring.

With Aspen Asset Management AG onside, you will be able to identify capital management plans that match your long-term strategic objective, structure funding to maximize value and decide whether restructuring or recapitalization are avenues worth exploring.