What are Alternative Investments?
Alternative investments include, but are not limited to, precious metals, oil and gas, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate and art.
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Alternative investments is a broad term that incorporates a raft of investment opportunities away from traditional stocks and shares methods.

diversify your portfolio

Alternative investments are a method of further diversifying portfolios. Choosing the right option involves looking into the pros and cons of each type of investment individually. For example, venture capital investment is riskier than buying a piece of art but could lead to substantial short-term profits.

Art is unlikely to see a huge surge in value unless there is a specific unforeseen event, but over time you can be confident its value will continue to rise.

When it comes to alternative investments, there is no single approach that is recommended. This is something to discuss with your investment advisor and decide based upon your complete portfolio, diversification options and attitude to risk.