What are bonds & treasuries?
By using this asset class as a part of an overall risk/return profile, we can help our clients achieve their investment objectives.
Bonds & treasuries - Aspen Asset Management AG

Aspen Asset Management AG has designed our convertible bond & treasuries solutions to limit downside risk while taking advantage of equities options features.

We have a global convertible bond management team that offers a wide spectrum of European and global convertible bond strategies.

Convertible bonds are an asset class that can adapt to different market conditions. Its asymmetric risk/return profile allows for meaningful participation when equity markets rise while limiting downside risk. We are well recognized as a major player in the convertible bond space.

Investment Strategies
  • A focus on convexity
  • An in-depth fundamental analysis of the underlying equity performance driver
  • The ability to create value in uncertain market environments
  • Careful selection of credit quality
  • Management of Portfolio’s discretionary exposures