Investing in equities
We hold a world view when managing global equities. Global companies continue to offer the highest levels of cash flow returns on investment.
Global equities - Aspen Asset Management AG

Our asset managers follow undervalued companies along the companies lifecycle. We have a multi-year track record in using our bottom-up stock selection process to increase our conviction in our selections.

  • Slowing global growth allows individual companies to demonstrate their operational strengths.
  • Global equity markets continue to deliver higher risk-adjusted returns relative to MSCI World Index.
  • Global companies that provide mission-critical products and technologies will offer protection against economic slowdown.
We offer:
  • Global Equity
  • Global Small & Mid Cap Equities
  • Global Tech Leaders Equity
European Equities
Europe offers opportunities to invest in strong domestic franchises in the EU. It also offers opportunities to invest in global brands, industrial expertise, and technology leaders.
European equities - Aspen Asset Management AG

Our team uses top-down analysis with a bottom up investment process that leads to a portfolio of 50 to 70 stocks. Our selections are based on quantitative screening based on valuations, growth, income, and returns. They are also based on meetings with companies to share insights.

  • With stable economies, growth rates, and accommodative policies, Europe continues to be attractive.
  • European equities market remains cheap in relation to its historical average. The uncertainty around Brexit has been overstated. While political risk continues to affect the market, the overall trend is supportive in the near term.
We offer:
  • Europe Equity
  • Europe Small-cap Equity
  • Euro Equity Income
  • Europe Equity Flex
  • Europe Equity Dividend+
  • Positive Impact Equity
US Equities
For disciplined investors, US equities remain where opportunities are abundant.
US equities - Aspen Asset Management AG

US Equities continue to show long-term promise and growth. Undervalued large-cap US companies across all industries can be good opportunities when they exhibit long-term competitiveness and profitability.

  • Tax reform has enhanced US corporate competitiveness
  • US companies remain less affected by the deceleration of global growth.
  • Small-cap remains attractive and provides many opportunities.
  • For active stock pickers, lower intra-stock correlation remains key.
Emerging Market Equities
Emerging markets - Aspen Asset Management AG

Dollar weakness has created pockets of investment opportunities for emerging market equities. Emerging market equities continues to trade at a significant discount to those of developing countries.

  • Emerging market value stocks are still at historic lows.
  • Due to the narrowing of political risk differentials between emerging markets and developed countries, the Emerging market will continue to offer better growth potential.
  • Value companies that are still underperforming.

Our emerging equity strategy aims to generate improved returns relative to the MSCI Emerging Market Index by offering better selection, diversification using our research expertise.

Japanese Equities
Japanese equities - Aspen Asset Management AG

Japan is the world’s third-largest economy. Through “Abenomics”, Japanese equities continue to present many opportunities.

  • With expectations of rising inflation, Japanese economic indicators are improving steadily.
  • The Bank of Japan is committed to accommodative policies.
  • “Abenomics” is designed to improve the country’s economy.
  • The Japanese equities market remains inefficient where value managers can benefit from market discrepancies.
  • Japanese stock valuations are not demanding.

Our investment managers invest in the research team’s value-based investment ideas through bottom-up selection. Cyclical catalysts such as production and inventory cycles, or restructuring, and mergers & acquisitions, and share buybacks are captured.

Chinese Equities
Chinese equities - Aspen Asset Management AG

China is home to the world’s third-largest stock market. Our Chinese stock selection is backed by comprehensive risk-management procedures.

  • China A market is driven heavily by retail investor’s sentiments. Active management can take advantage of the frequent mispricing opportunities there.
  • China’s financial and regulatory reform will drive greater stability in the financial markets.
  • Investments into Chinese equities will continue.
  • China’s ownership reform plan will help companies focus on maximizing shareholder value.
  • As China shifts its economy toward consumption, opportunities in equities will be abundant.

Our team of experts uses an AI model to systematically identify strong performers through estimating implied volatility of stocks. It identifies strong performers through different market cycles and applies rigorous risk management.