Measurable positive impact
Impact investing can generate long-term financial return while creating a measurable positive impact to our society and our environment.
Impact investments - Aspen Asset Management AG

With impact investing included in the scope of listed equities, the trend of impact investing is here to stay.

To formalize our impact investing governance model, we have two dedicated entities: Impact Advisory Board and the Impact Investment Committee to define the stringent impact criteria that our investments have to meet.

As the impact investing trend continues to listed equities, we are constantly looking for innovative solutions and technologies that can allow humans and the planet to live in harmony. We continue to support these companies as we help to highlight the importance of impact investing in listed equities.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of measuring our impact investment philosophy, we have devised a proprietary scoring system that enables impact investment experts to assess the impact intensity. In conjunction with a scoring system, we actively engage with the company in a relationship based on honesty and trust.

Through engagement, we can refine our impact assessment and create a more productive dialogue.

Investment Experience
By following a strict set of rules and regulations that govern how we carry out our business and choose partners to work with, we are establishing a firmer foundation with our clients.
Investment experience - Aspen Asset Management AG

In recent years, responsible investment has become increasingly embedded in our approach. With a focus on the impact on our investments, we can drive long-term risk-adjusted returns for our clients that are enhanced through ESG integration and active ownership.


Aspen Asset Management AG recognized early on that responsible investments must be integrated into the management of our clients finances so they remain sustainable. We have enhanced our Responsible Investment Policy to uphold the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. Only by building a trustworthy foundation through responsible investment, can we deliver the robust full range of our products and services to our clients.

We are a firm believer that a comprehensive approach to ESG considerations can support both risk management and alpha generation. To create a sustainable economy, finance plays a key role. We want to be that driving force for our clients.