What are Structured Products?
We translate investment ideas to investment solutions to respond to our client’s needs.
Structured products - Aspen Asset Management AG

Partnering our clients, we offer innovative ways to potentially profit from movements in an underlying asset class.

Based on your risk appetite, expected investment horizon, our team of financial experts carries out competitive bids with numerous issuers to execute your order at the best price. In a few hours or in a few days, depending on the complexity, we can translate your investment ideas into investable products.

We Offer
  • Capital Protection – Instead of a direct investment, we offer capital protection products as defensive investments. They offer a high level of protection, can benefit from either rising or falling markets.
  • Yield Enhancement – Instead of Capital Protection, yield enhancement offers capital protection depending on the fulfilment of a predefined condition. Clients give up upside exposure to the underlying in exchange for coupon payment.
  • Participation – This product offers participation in the price evolution of the underlying asset class.