Our focus is alignment between fundamentals and strategic positioning.

Producing a balanced insight helps us see the difference between current stock price and stock value.

Market Insights
At Aspen Asset Management AG, we are committed to research and analysis to discover more about the market and satisfy our client needs.
Market insights - Aspen Asset Management AG

A few of the essential elements in our research philosophy include evaluating global equities, fixed-income, currencies, commodities, and alternative asset classes to adequately understand emerging market developments.

Our market intelligence specialists use cutting-edge technologies and filtering techniques to evaluate the vast amount of market data we acquire. Our team conducts complex studies in all fields of market statistics, risk analysis, investment product analysis, technical analysis, indicators, data comparison, event analysis and more to ensure the best outcomes for our investment management team.

We provide asset managers with updates on the state of the finance industry, the key factors affecting the industry, companies in demand, rivals, asset classes that attract them, emerging distribution networks, predominant business strategies and more. Our market intelligence team can collect data on both fundamental and technological market information.

Research and analysis
Research and analysis - Aspen Asset Management AG

Our research and analysis information transfer is the phase we begin with before making an investment proposal to our clients. Our asset managers use this to better understand industry dynamics and future risk offerings to spot superior investment opportunities.

We respect that one wrong decision will severely affect your professional relationship and our company's long-term credibility. Thus, we offer comprehensive market intelligence to prevent the possibility of any flaws.

Our market intelligence team are pioneers in their sector with immense experience in the financial analytics industry, giving our asset managers trust in the solutions they provide our clients, thereby helping our clients to feel assured about their funds, ongoing investments and wealth accumulation.